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Kitsch - Pro Bun Twist


Kitsch - Pro Bun Twist


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Kitsch - Pro Bun Twist

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An innovation in securing your topknot, the Kitsch Pro Bun Twist is a revolution in chic hairstyling and sure to be your new updo go-to!

Instructions For Use:
1.) Gather your hair and twist into a ponytail; no need to secure with an elastic.
2.) Continue twisting hair into bun shape. Twist one Bun Twist clockwise into bun to secure.
3.) Twist a second Bun Twist into opposite side of bun, being careful not to intertwine the two Twists.

• Material: iron
• Quantity: 3

Plating care instructions:

Kitsch products are plated and require some special care to extend the longevity of your hair and jewelry accessories. Remember: Anything plated will eventually turn with time and wear. The more frequently you wear the jewelry the quicker the plating will fade.

• AVOID MOISTURE. Water, sweat, lotions, ointments, sprays and high humidity will accelerate wear. Perspiration is the most common cause of wear and fades plating especially when damp skin rubs against metal. After periods of extended exposure to moisture, immediately wipe clean gently with a damp cloth.

• REMOVE AT NIGHT. Sleeping with plated jewelry isn’t advised as night sweating and closer contact with skin will accelerate plate fading.

• STORE GOLD WITH GOLD AND SILVER WITH SILVER. The difference in metal composition will create a chemical reaction, causing tarnishing, fading and change in coloration when stored together. Our recommendation is to store you golds and silvers in two separate, air-tight containers to avoid exposure to moisture and to one another.

• DO NOT CLEAN WITH CHEMICALS. Chemicals will break down the plating very rapidly. Fine jewelry can handle the chemicals, but plating is very delicate and should only be wiped with a clean, dry cloth.

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