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TanTowel - Plus Half Body

TanTowel - Plus Half Body


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TanTowel - Plus Half Body

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PLUS medium to dark skin tones (for those who naturally tan fast)
Self-tanning Towelette
Ease in travel with no mess (e.g., leaks, spills, etc.)
Single use application
Revolutionary self-tanning formula
Dries in seconds
Will not discolor ankles, knees, elbows, joints, etc.
Tanning formula impregnated in towelette
No streaking and easy to apply
Pulp fiber towelette
Exfoliates the skin during the application
Allows for even consistent tan
Allows for smoother and softer skin
Single use formula
Allows you to gauge the levels of tan based on the number of towelette applications
Clean citrus fragrance
The fragrance will dissipate within 5 minutes
Will not combat with perfume or cologne
Individually heat sealed packet
Maintains quality and integrity of product to ensure long-lasting life.

This Product Does Not Contain A SunScreen.

1 pk.

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